Lauretta Quinn PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA, CDE

Clinical Professor Biobehavioral Health Science, College of Nursing University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Lauretta Quinn is a Clinical Professor of Biobehavioral Health Science at University of Illinois in Chicago. Over the past 22 years, she has maintained a research program focusing on improving the health of people with diabetes and reducing the burden of diabetes complications. Her research has examined the interaction of psychological, behavioral, and physiological aspects of diabetes. Her primary research focus, however, has been the study of metabolic alterations associated with diabetes mellitus, especially their role in the development of cardiovascular disease. Her research endeavors have focused on examining the effect of aerobic exercise on the metabolic derangements of both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Dr. Quinn’s recent work has used continuous glucose monitoring methodology in exploring the relationship between glycemic variability and physical activity. She is currently a co-Investigator for a NIH-funded research project designed to develop subject-specific glucose prediction models in patients with type 1 diabetes from data obtained through actigraphy and continuous glucose monitoring.