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P02 - Bisphosphonate Drug Holidays

‐ Sep 20, 2020 9:00pm

For over twenty years, bisphosphonates have been the primary treatment of osteoporosis. These medications were associated with a potential for gastrointestinal side effects which necessitated specific dosing directions. In more recent years, bisphosphonates became associated with more serious side effects of atypical femoral fracture and osteonecrosis of the jaw. In an effort to reduce the risk of these rare events, drug holidays of up to five years were recommended. However, there is lack of consensus on the appropriate timing and duration of drug holidays. This presentation will offer a review of the current recommendations for bisphosphonate drug holidays.

Mary DiGiulio discloses that she receives royalties from McGraw Hill for prior editions of Medical-Surgical Nursing Demystified and Health Assessment Demystified.


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Romelia Salazar
9/24/20 9:58 am

Great poster! I often have to consider drug holidays for my patients!

Jennifer Serafin
9/24/20 11:16 am

Fabulous poster! Love the chart that summarizes literature.

Ladsine Taylor
9/24/20 4:38 pm

Very educational and informative. Presentation/design of poster was easy to follow. Thank you