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P16 - Patient-Centered Ostomy Care: A First-Year Diary of a “World” Ostomy Nurse

Patients with a new ostomy require a tremendous amount of education and support in relation to lifestyle changes and ostomy care. Inpatient and short-term resources are readily available, but long-term care and community resources are scarce. A need for continued support was identified. Working with an IT department and a clinical manager, an outpatient clinic for ostomy patients was created. The nurse practitioner for the clinic was integrated into the existing ERAS program (enhanced recovery after surgery) as the ostomy educator and resource. Patients were introduced to a “world nurse” that would be available at all times for support and to answer questions. A “world nurse” is a first-line resource for questions and concerns outside of the hospital setting. To evaluate the effectiveness of this program, patients were surveyed in regards to clinic experience. The goal was to assure patient problems and concerns were identified and addressed in a timely fashion and that patients had an ongoing contact and resource for continued ostomy care. To date, over 20 surveys have been received, rating patient experience as “very well” with respect to resolving problems and increasing ability and confidence to preform self-care. 


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