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P22 - Urinary Tract Infection Knowledge of Long-Term Care Nursing Staff: The Effect of an Educational Intervention

Providing an educational intervention for long-term care facility nursing staff improves knowledge of and prevention of UTIs.

Research summary

Introduction: Urinary tract infections (UTI) frequently occur among residents of long-term care facilities. Early identification of this health condition leads to prompt treatment, which prevents complications.

Objectives: To determine if an educational intervention improved UTI knowledge among nursing staff employed in a long-term care facility.

Methods: Using a longitudinal study design and a previously developed questionnaire, data were collected prior to and after a UTI-specific educational intervention. Data were received from 21 participants, all nursing staff who were direct care providers in a long-term care health facility.

Results: Using paired sample t-test, knowledge of and prevention of UTI scores improved. While not statistically significant, these data reflect a benefit from the educational intervention.


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Morgan McDowell
9/23/20 2:59 pm

Great poster presentation!!

Jennifer Serafin
9/24/20 5:24 pm

Nice idea.

Evelyn Jones-Talley
9/25/20 12:49 pm

Great focus. Thank you

Ladsine Taylor
9/26/20 7:10 am

Education is the key! love the design of the poster in presenting this information! Thank you.