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Social01 - Wine Tasting with Sommelier Samantha Capaldi

‐ Mar 4, 2021 5:30pm

Credits: None available.

  • Please click here to download wine tasting grids and a wine tasting mat. We recommend printing two grids and one mat per person! A small bites pairing guide and a wine 101 guide are included as well. Feel free to have pens/pencils out as well to take notes!
  • The four wines for our tasting are all bundled up, discounted, and ready to go at Wine Splurge! The link will take you directly to the wines selected and ready to purchase for your convenience. In the comments section when you place your order, please mention the date of the GAPNA tasting -March 4, 2021 to ensure your wines will arrive on time. Wine takes about two weeks to ship so please plan accordingly. If you decide to pick up your wines locally, we suggest showing the shop the list of wines our sommelier has curated so they can closely match them the best they can. If you head to your local wine shop, you will just need to get a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, French Sancerre, Napa/Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon, and a French Bordeaux. Please feel free to get just two of these wines or all four! For further assistance, please feel to reach out via email sam@samanthasommelier.com.
  • Please do not over chill your wine before our tasting, keeping them at room temperature will help us better smell and taste the wines.
  • Two to four clear wine glasses with stem per person are recommended.
  • Please have all four wines out, opened, and ready to be poured before our tasting start time.
  • Plain crackers or bread is recommended to cleanse the palate between wines.


Credits: None available.